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How to link your phone to a projector?

Linking your phone to a projector can enhance your viewing experience. Whatever be it in a meeting room, classroom, or home theater. This connection’s quality determines your presentation’s effectiveness and audience comfort. But firstly, you need to have a Mirror screen projector. Here are simple methods to seamlessly connect:


Using HDMI Cable Connection: 

Rigal led mini projector feature HDMI input ports. 


1. Firstly, Purchase an adapter to connect your smartphone. 


2. Secondly, Insert one end of the HDMI cable into the projector’s HDMI port, and the other into the adapter. 


3. Thirdly, connect the adapter to your phone’s HDMI port. 


Finally, Your phone screen content will display on the projector!

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Using Wireless Connection: 


Modern technology offers wireless linking convenience. Through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, pair your phone for wireless projection. This method offers mobility and flexibility.


First of all, Please ensure both devices are on the same Wi-Fi network or paired via Bluetooth. Also, Enable screen mirroring or projection on your phone.


And then, we have 3 different ways:


1. Access the screen mirroring or wireless display option in your phone settings. And choose the projector as the target device for wireless transmission.


2.Some mobile apps support screen mirroring, so you can select the projector as the target device for wireless transmission.


3.Rigal phone projector provide dedicated applications. Such as Android phones can use the Miracast program, while iPhones can select the Isocast program.  After pairing, content is wirelessly transmitted to the projector.

Rigal projectors offer various connection options and flexible application support, enhancing convenience and leaving a lasting impression on your audience.


What’s more, Rigal projector also offer options of 2.4G single band and 5G dual band, with 5G WIFI6 projector providing faster speeds.


Whether you choose HDMI cable connection or wireless connection, connecting your phone to a projector is a simple and effective operation. Enabling you to effortlessly share content with your audience and provide a superior viewing experience. 

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